«Rewilding Iberia» project

English translation:

This is the website of Benigno Varillas, which is aimed at people who are interested, or wish to get involved with his «Rewilding Iberia» project. Also on the website Benigno will be serializing his book “Genesis”. Throughout this work, the author explores the concept of wilderness and informs on how well society offers us an opportunity for being free again.

The actions to be undertaken are the following:

  1. Ensuring the recovery of aurochs, wild horses, bison, bears, wolves and lynx, and other species regarded as part of the primeval European fauna. This includes you! As an individual of the Homo species: if you are able to do it and are prepared to let this project charm yourself, it  will undoubtedly lead you to contribute to restoration of natural environment and the creation of a Rewildling Iberia information sharing society.
  2. Rewilding hardy local breeds of beef cattle and horses, restoring freedom to them in order to reinvent livestock farming, and nature conservation, through the development of a multifunctional economy.  The consideration this economic model will provide is that wildlife can be recovered, in addition to establishing a social network, thus guaranteeing forward-looking perspectives for rural areas.
  3. The geographical location of international small settlements or campgrounds, containing conservationist-teleworkers in the information society sector, at strategic points from the biodiversity point of view where it can be possible to develop a new model for sustainable use and management of natural resources.
  4. The implementation of an open-air school whose mission includes children growing up and being educated immersed in nature, using for this the same English tele-teaching method for all campgrounds which will be virtually linked by the internet.
  5. In-class teaching will also be implemented, with the purpose of encouraging and nurturing the entrepreneurial and freelance spirit that today’s information society demands.   In order to achieve this objective, both direct observation and the employment of new internet technologies will be considered with the aim of being able to offer biodiversity as a valuable source of revenue for rural community.
  6. Seeking agreements or alliances, synergies and mutual support between those open minds of universal thought who are willing to operate on the network in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
  7. The publication chapter by chapter of the book «Genesis», wherein Neolithic thinking that led to the domestication process some 6,000 years ago is carefully examined by the author. Along his original and highly recommendable work Benigno Varillas explains, amongst other surprising things, how this process of transforming ancestral nomadic ways to live into the sedentary life form chosen by humans nowadays has inevitably driven them to the current global crisis of society.  Searching for freeman which we once were, and look forward to becoming again, is proposed by the aforementioned nature writer as principal tool for fighting against the crisis.

(English translation made by Michael Willet and David Rios. Thanks!)